Mail Order Catalog Day! (Yes, it’s a thing!)

Happy National Mail Order Catalog Day!

This unofficial holiday commemorates the day in 1872 when American entrepreneur Aaron Montgomery Ward sent out the first modern mail order catalog to customers in Chicago

You might be surprised to know that even with the rise of eCommerce, catalog sales are alive and well, generating about $125 billion in annual revenue. 12 billion catalogs are mailed, and 90 million Americans purchase from catalogs annually.

For traditionalists and collectors who enjoy a more specialized browsing experience, catalogs are just the ticket. (After all, with thousands of movies of all genres available, finding favorite film genres online can be a bit overwhelming.) Catalogs provide an assortment of products carefully chosen by content experts, can highlight focused products, and make browsing and shopping a breeze.

Alliance Entertainment’s catalog retailer, Direct-To-U (DTU),  boasts several brands (Critic’s Choice, Movies Unlimited, TCM, Collector’s Choice), each offering carefully curated products and promotions for their customers. 

Catalog shoppers really connect with physical products like DVDs and Blu-ray, and the team at Distribution Solutions ensures that our label partners’ releases are included in the DTU catalogs that fit their audience.

Shipping more than 8.8 MILLION catalogs annually, DTU is an essential and fabulous partner!

Slow down and doing the analog way…sign-up for our mail order catalogs Critics’ Choice VideoMovies Unlimited, or TCM Shop for a curated selection of movies…and music fans can join the fun at Collectors’ Choice  

Happy Browsing!