Top Taglines of 2021

To communicate a film’s unique story that differentiates it from the rest is no small feat; How do you represent a film in a statement (or less) which doesn’t dive too far into the premise, and hooks a viewer it was meant for? Enter the wonderful world of taglines!

We find ourselves keen on quick, witty, and often pun-worthy comedic remarks that lure us into the story behind the cover.

Taglines have become an essential component to the success and marketability of a film of any kind, regardless of its genre and target demographic. Whether the intent is to give you heebie-jeebies, tickle the back of your thrill-seeking brain, or comfort you on a Friday night because you weren’t invited to that party (you didn’t want to go anyway, right?), we can all agree that sometimes our first impression is what made us press play.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite taglines developed in-house by the DS team here at Alliance Entertainment in 2021.

12 Hour Shift | Magnolia | “Pull Your Shift Together”

Death Ranch | 4Digital | “The Family That Slays Together Stays Together”

Pasture | Mill Creek | “Fear is a Prison of the Mind”

Alfred | ITN | “Your Mind is his Playground”

The Nest | ITN | “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”

Funhouse | Magnolia | “Break the Internet – or It Will Break You”

Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction | ITN | “Get Ready to Open Wide”

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Partnership Announcement: Powerhouse Films

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, is pleased to announce a physical media partnership with Powerhouse Films’ UK-based label Indicator.

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Distribution Solutions will handle sales, distribution of all Powerhouse Films sell-through releases in the US and Canada.

“We are very excited to be in business with Powerhouse Films,” states Distribution Solutions President, Ben Means. “Partnering internationally with a film label like Indicator, which has such a driven passion for physical media, helps expand the quality and coverage of classic films we distribute to the US and Canada.”

Powerhouse Films has an extensive collection of classic films that includes limited-edition box sets and single-title releases, as well as standard-edition reissues of limited-edition titles that have gone out of print, such as John Carpenter’s Christine, Jacques Tourneur’s Night of the Demon, and Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our unique blend of cult and classic cinema to audiences in the US and Canada in partnership with the fantastic team at Distribution Solutions,” says Powerhouse Films’ co-founder, Sam Dunn. “We’ve been working hard unearthing and restoring a raft of incredible titles in order to put together a schedule that will surprise and delight even the most adventurous viewer.”

Celebrated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro added his praise for the label, stating “Indicator lovingly curates and enshrines obscure, precious gems for the obsessive collector and the genre connoisseur.”

The first physical Powerhouse Films releases distributed by Distribution Solutions will be available for purchase in January 2022.

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About Powerhouse Films                                   

Powerhouse Films was founded in the summer of 2016 by UK film and video industry veterans with a passion for film and physical media. Its Indicator Blu-ray label publishes a critically acclaimed collection of cult, classic, and criminally overlooked films, each mastered from the finest available materials and expertly encoded for optimum results. 

Indicator editions contain lovingly curated extra features, including newly produced audio commentaries and on-camera interviews, rare short films, and previously unseen archival materials. First-run Limited Editions contain reversible sleeves and exclusive booklets with newly commissioned essays, contemporary interviews, articles and reviews, and film credits.