Distribution Solutions’ Ilia Beizerman named Media Play News’ Top 20 Indie Power Players 2022

Our SVP of Operations and Strategic Partnerships at Distribution Solutions, Ilia Beizerman, was recently recognized as Media Play News’ Top 20 Indie Power Players 2022! Ilia is an indispensable asset to our company whose leadership has increased our business while providing best-in-class service to our label and studio partners.

Check out the digital article honoring Ilia and all deserving nominees:

November 21st: World Television Day

Sure, we’re obsessed with movies. Who isn’t?! At Distribution Solutions, we put so much more than movies on shelves and into your homes. In honor of World Television Day, we’d like to tell you about our other passion: the complete series release of some of the most treasured television shows of all time!

Did you know Mill Creek Entertainment, a division of Distribution Solutions, is the home entertainment industry’s leading independent studio for Blu-ray, DVD, and digital distribution AND also offers the lion’s share of our complete TV series?

“Mill Creek has had a focus on creating collectible products for a very long time – and our philosophy is that nothing is more collectible than people’s favorite TV shows! We work closely with several major studios to maximize the opportunity to get their content in front of consumers in retail stores,” states Jeff Hayne, Senior VP of Acquisitions and Production for Mill Creek Entertainment. “Mill Creek over indexes in the TV category – with a nearly 30% market share as it pertains to TV on DVD and Blu-ray across all studios.”

Mill Creek’s acquisition strategy makes sure that we have a steady pipeline of high-quality television programming available in stores and online, for those customers who want to own a piece of television history to revisit time and again.

When people ask “what’ve you been watching lately?” the answer is usually something totally new and binge-worthy, but at Distribution Solutions, we know that the best of TV reaches far beyond “what’s new” and into the nostalgic fan favorites… and we are here to keep serving up what viewers want!

Check out this selection of best-selling complete TV series we have available at retail stores and online for our fellow fans of television!

That 70’s Show (Blu-ray)

King Of Queens

Miami Vice (Blu-ray)

Community (Blu-ray)

Ultraman (Blu-ray)

3rd Rock from the Sun

Quantum Leap (Blu-ray)

Good Times

About Mill Creek Entertainment

Mill Creek Entertainment, a division of Alliance Entertainment, is the home entertainment industry’s leading independent studio for Blu-ray, DVD, and digital distribution. With direct sales pipelines to all primary retail and online partners, Mill Creek Entertainment licenses, produces, markets, and distributes a dynamic array of film and television content to over 30,000 retail stores and thousands of websites reaching millions of customers across North America. Mill Creek Entertainment’s expansive library includes Oscar®-winning theatrical feature films, Emmy®-winning classic and current TV series, original documentary productions and pop-culture favorites that enlighten, educate, and entertain. Mill Creek Entertainment is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mill Creek Entertainment is distributed by Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment. For more information, please visit www.millcreekent.com

About Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, is the largest aggregator and downstream distributor of independent film labels in North America. We are a premier partner for home entertainment sales and distribution, with capabilities including Physical Distribution, Digital Sales/Delivery, and SVOD/Linear Licensing for over 60 content providers, including Mill Creek Entertainment, RLJ Entertainment, and Cinedigm.
Distribution Solutions offers comprehensive in-house Post-Production Services, Consumer Marketing, Design Services, and Turnkey Operations Management—everything it takes to set our partners up for success.