International DOG Day!

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.” – John Grogan

On August 26th, we observe a day to give love, thanks, and all the belly rubs to our very best friends on International Dog Day!  The aim of international dog day is to celebrate the well-being of dogs, raise awareness around breeding farms/backyard breeders, show appreciation towards rescue centers, and encourage the adoption of these animals across the globe. This day is an open door to generate a conversation that may save the life of an animal. To welcome dogs who were once unwanted into our hearts and into our homes – to give displaced, abandoned, and abused dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds the loving companionship and comfort of home that they deserve.

Here at AENT: Distribution Solutions, our companions truly bring out the best in our lives be it by our side, or on the big screen as characters sure to strum our heartstring’s. We’d like to recognize some of the canine characters we’ve had the privilege of featuring throughout our partnership with Mill Creek Entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite titles for you to enjoy!

Air Bud | Summer’s Shadow | Benji | Life With Dog | Dog House

In honor of our canine counterparts, the notable talent in our lives – we’d like to introduce the rescue pups our team has welcomed into their famiy over the years!

Midwest Animal Rescue | Secondhand Hounds | Animal Humane Society | Best Friends Animal Society

Curl up with a great flick, support your local rescue society, and grab your favorite tug toy with your best puppy pal – because one thing’s for sure, the world is a much better place because dogs are in it.

Copy That!

A DVD or Blu-ray on a shelf acts as a mini-billboard for itself. And just like that ginormous billboard hovering over the freeway, every single aspect of the artwork is intentional (and sometimes even legally required.)

When it comes to physical goods, a title has to speak quickly and clearly to potential purchasers. We aim to strike a balance between the rational and the emotional parts of the human brain, moving from “Hmmm, this looks like something I might like” to “Yes! (adds to cart)” in the space of a few seconds.

We gave the feedback, our partners at Quiver delivered!

At Distribution Solutions, marketing and design professionals are hard at work to blend art and commerce in a way that’s going to drive purchase intent…for the benefit of our label partners. Everyone wins if we get it right!

Striking imagery is the first thing that likely catches a consumer’s eye, but then the box copy gets right to work. Because we only have a few seconds with a customer in a store aisle in an Amazon search, each and every character of the text on a DVD or Blu-ray cover has to pull its weight.

Design provided by 4Digital; tagline and concept by Distribution Solutions.

At Distribution Solutions, whether we’re designing the art (or providing feedback), our partners know that each element we include (or suggest) supports the recommendations found during our SWOT analysis of the title.

Collaborated concept: ITN Distribution and Distribution Solutions

If you’ve been out in the world and seen a DVD before, then you’ll know the key components of key art copy. But we’ll mention them here anyway so that we can elaborate on what each bit of copy brings to the table.

  • Title Treatment: Color, typeface, and design convey the film’s genre and tone. Great place to weave in genre iconography or go with a font that evokes a time period.
  • Tagline: Adds context and sells the premise of the film. This can be a difficult thing to write. Needs to be concise and as original as possible. (The DS team flat out loves tagline brainstorming, so our partners know they can count on us to get there!)
  • Press Quotes: Communicate the critical acclaim and serve as a hallmark of quality, while the sources contextualize who is recommending. With the right set of quotes, a tagline is rendered unnecessary. A great situation!

Our goal is to make the most out of the few seconds our label partners’ titles have with a potential purchaser, whether it be in the aisles of a big-box retailer or a digital storefront during an at-home browse.

Feedback from Distribution Solutions, final art delivered by Magnolia.

To learn more about our process and talk to us about the intersection of art and commerce, drop us a line at And one more for the road…

Horror and twisted humor go together like baby teeth and cash rewards. Design courtesy of ITN Distribution, with creative input from Distribution Solutions.