Three Key Steps

“Connect content to consumers” is a marketing team mantra here at Distribution Solutions. And nowhere is that connection to consumers so delightfully direct as it is on digital platforms.

As the digital age pushes forward, Austrian scientist Dr. Florian Kaps endeavors to save the last Polaroid factory, hoping to preserve the art of analog photography…and to encourage people to slow down and reconnect with nostalgic “real” things.

In fact, when it comes to digital platforms, we believe a holistic consideration of creative elements is essential, as it provides the opportunity to formulate a cohesive approach to the assets and messaging used to reach the intended audience for the content.

While each film or episodic property represents unique artistic expression, each follows the same DS process, an evaluation gauntlet designed to assess a title’s strengths and opportunities and to navigate around any challenges to success.

Our marketing focus is upon the three key moments of consumer evaluation, each a step in the short journey that a viewer takes from “browse” to “transact” on a digital platform:

  1. Optimized Key Art. We evaluate art against the competition at large and other similar content to see how it stacks up. Does the title treatment pop? Can a viewer ascertain the genre at a glance, based on imagery? Are we leveraging any emerging (and relevant) trends in the marketplace? In short: we ask ourselves pointed questions, in order to identify and modify key art to ensure it is arresting enough to get someone to want to learn more.
  2. A Supercharged Synopsis. This is where we hook ’em. Sell it don’t tell it, as they say. Our copywriters love a challenge–and one of our favorites is converting a feature-length viewing experience into a precisely worded, dynamic selling tool–in both 140 and 250 character lengths. Our success here prompts a consumer to click the almighty “watch trailer” link, where budding viewing decisions come to blossom (or wither).
  3. A Powerful Trailer. This is it, the big time. We strive for a trailer that leaves the viewer wanting more. The aim is clear story-telling, that hits upon all the key marketing angles (great cast! important director! award wins!) that draw in the target genre audience. Here is where the excitement builds and turns a ‘maybe’ into ‘sold’ as the consumer decides there is no need to look any further.

When it comes to the “Creative Trifecta” as described above, we don’t reserve this approach for just a subset of Distribution Solutions’ label partners. This is a basic deliverable, served up regularly during the course of the collaboration, in order to build the best marketing presences possible on platforms.

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Stream Big.

There’s probably nothing left to be said about the proliferation of streaming services and the enormous appetite to be filled in these unprecedented times. Consumers looking for content, and so much content to be had… it’s a timeless love story…

“Oh hey…I should totally watch everything there is.”

Beyond the biggies (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu) the streaming choices have exploded–and consumers are game to expand their consumption like never before. (Exhibit A: This Flixd article, which lists over 200 options available. Enjoy the rabbit hole.)

At Distribution Solutions, this niche-rich environment is right up our alley. Vice President of Digital Sales, Kelly McGee, and her sales team have grown our list of platform partners across all formats–SVOD, AVOD, TVOD–to capture as much of this new landscape as possible. Her game plan: create a ridiculous number of opportunities for the diverse independent film and tv content we represent for our label partners…and grow that revenue!

Yep. Our partners’ content offers a broad array of genres, directors, and unique perspectives and voices…aaaand it just so happens that the marketplace is going crazy with opportunities for accessing content, beautifully organized by interest and subgenre. It’s a glorious time to be where we are–and we are up for the challenge!

The team’s approach to getting content to consumers isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. For starters, we watch every movie we are going to pitch. (This sounds uber-basic, but that isn’t always the case in this industry.) This “screen everything” pledge gives us the foundation to understand the content and identify the target audience(s) and the platforms on which they may be found.

Once our team gets to know what a film is (and is not), consults with commercial planning, reviews with marketing, pulls comps, and determines likely performance potential, and takes at least one full breath, then we recommend a customized Go To Market strategy. Our aim is always to work closely with our label partner to help the content reach its full potential in the marketplace.

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